The Water for Life Charity Project

Every day, millions of people in developing countries like Cambodia, Haiti, and India struggle to find clean water and live in unthinkable sanitation conditions. Thanks to the Water for Life Charity project, partnerships are being developed with mission organizations to make safe water accessible to people in need.

Water Filtration System

The special water filter Water for Life Charity provides, allows families and communities to care for themselves by filtering the water to which they have access. Clean water changes everything for a community. Health problems and mortality rates plummet; water gathering walks decrease, freeing up time for other endeavors; human dignity is restored. Our programs combine health and sanitation education, simple water technology, and basic research to identify and solve the unique problems of each community.

We drink it, we cook with it, we use it to wash our hands. We use it to shower. We use it for laundry and dishes. We use it to wash our cars and our pets. We water our lawns with it and we even fill up swimming pools and play with it. What would life be like if all we had were dark, murky, bacteria-infested water? Would you drink it? Would anyone drink it?

Helping to solve the world water crisis, one project at a time!


Our children are dying from contaminated water..please help us” read Pastor Renatus’s story.


Water4Life Ministry has partnered with e3partners to help save lives in India, they are asking for at least

Project Floating Village

I’m in Cambodia and Vietnam…bringing safe, clean water to the children

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Cameron Africa

Our partner Teen Missions delivers more filters we provided them to over 200 Aids Orphans.


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Project Pakistan

One man doing what he can to provide for the hurting children/families in Pakistan


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” Our children are dying from contaminated water..please help us ” read Pastor Renatus’s story.


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March 2011, our partner Hope for the Nations, delivered filters to orphanages in Haiti, so their

Kenya, Africa

Children in Kenya now drinking safe water!!! read the story!