Water for Life Charity – Volunteer

With Your Help, Change Is Possible


For many people living in third-world countries, every day begins without hope. Children struggle with illness and weakness while parents feel helpless and brokenhearted. For even the most basic human needs, there is a continual struggle. For all generations, there are cries of despair and flowing tears. Unsafe drinking water is a worldwide problem and, for many, a genuine crisis.

Today, you can become a volunteer for Water for Life Charity. You have the opportunity to do something amazing with your life by saving adults and children around the world; those forced to bathe in and drink contaminated water that will likely lead to death.

Through Your Work, Children Have Hope

We have the opportunity to be the voice of people.


20_clockEvery 20 seconds, an innocent child dies from a waterborne disease. That equates to three children in just 1 minute, 180 children in an hour, and 4,320 children daily. You have the ability to make change by joining Water for Life Charity as a volunteer and starting a fundraising campaign.



bThere are many ways to make money, such as having a lemonade stand, going on a walk- or run-a-thon, baking cookies, washing cars, and much more. All you have to do is make the decision to start a fundraiser either on your own or with help from family members, friends, co-workers, neighbors, church friends, and schoolmates.



Water4LifeMinisrtyFor our part, we will provide you with a personal fundraising section on our website where people can visit. There, you can post an array of photos and a description of the fundraiser, followed by watching as donations begin to roll in.

Once your fundraiser ends, we will reveal the amount earned, as well as the total number of water filters purchased for saving the lives of people in impoverished countries. You can share with your supporters photos and videos of the children and entire villages that now have clean and safe drinking water.

By opening your heart and becoming a volunteer for Water for Life Charity, you have the power to make positive change.