Water for Life Charity’s International Partners

In an effort to provide proper sanitation and safe drinking water to people living in developing countries, Water for Life Charity continues to forge lasting partnerships with mission organizations. Through the love of humanity and Jesus Christ, selfless acts of kindness are carried out daily.

Loving and Lasting Partnerships
www.e3partners.org – Every year, this organization sends mission teams to serve impoverished communities in more than 20 countries.

www.abundanthopeministries.com – With open hearts, the people from Abundant Hope Ministries offer support to orphanages in developing countries.

www.agapewebsite.org – In addition to saving lives with safe drinking water and guiding people to Christ, this organization is fighting child sex trafficking in Cambodia.

www.coronadobaptist.org – To share the Gospel and save lives, mission teams from Coronado Baptist work in Costa Rica, Kenya, and Nepal.

www.FH.org – Food for the Hungry (FH) offers spiritual and physical hunger relief to impoverished people.

www.GBCMT.org – For missionaries in third-world countries, Grace Bible Church is an incredible sponsor.

www.handandfeetproject.org – As part of its ministry, this organization cares for orphans in Haiti.

www.missions4Jesus.com – For adults and children in impoverished Malawi, Africa, this partner supplies Water for Life Charity International water filters.

www.outsidethebowl.org – To feed thousands of poor individuals on a daily basis, this mission organization builds “Super Kitchens” in developing countries.

www.spectrumministries.org – This organization brings both adult and youth mission teams into impoverished areas of Mexico.

www.sportsoutreach.org – Sports Outreach International goes into third-world countries to share Jesus Christ through various sports programs.

www.steelecreek.org – Through its “Bridges” ministry, Steele Creek Church works to bring together diverse people from around the globe.

www.teenmissions.org – Annually, more than 10,000 orphans and thousands of widows in Africa are taught the Word of God.

www.US2uganda4life.org – In support of a medical center and children’s center, mission teams bring water filters to the children of Uganda.

www.worldvision.org – In the name of the Lord, World Vision International serves more than 100 million people in close to 100 countries.

www.whynotnowministries.org – For the children in Cambodia, this partner has an urgent plea. Read more about the organization’s heart-wrenching story here.

www.convoyofhope.org – To feed children and provide disaster relief, this organization serves people around the world.

www.believersworld.com – Going into Belize, Costa Rica, South Africa, and Uganda, mission teams proudly share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while helping the poor.