Becoming a Volunteer Fundraiser for Water for Life Charity

First, Create an Account

The first step to becoming a Water for Life Charity volunteer is to create an account. From there, your primary fundraising campaign page is created that can include personal photos, as well as other photos if you wish.

This page will also include a description of the fundraiser, specific goals, and, if applicable, potential location and date.

Choose Your Fundraiser

Once the account is created, you need to determine a fundraiser. To get ideas, talk to family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers. This also provides the opportunity to ask others to get involved or simply to get word out as to how children in third-world countries can be helped.



If you are an educator or you know of one or more people who teach, you can get the school involved. Even as a student, regardless of grade, you can work to get others involved. Every bit of money raised brings hope to communities around the globe.



Another great option is through your church. You can discuss the Water for Life Charity campaign with your pastor, post information in the church newsletter, organize a church-related fundraiser, or set up a special booth.



Whether you are a business owner or employee, your company can get involved by sending water filter systems to people in impoverished countries. If the opportunity arises, you might be able to ask customers if they would be interested in supporting your fundraiser.


Fitness Centers and Other Memberships

There are additional opportunities, such as meeting with the owner of a fitness center or other business through which you have a membership to discuss the fundraiser. Never be afraid to step outside the box and be bold when asking for help. After all, this is a worthy cause.

Contact Everyone

You will be provided with a link to the campaign page, the very place where people you know can go to learn more about the project and ways in which they can help your fundraiser. In fact, people can donate to help you achieve your goal or sign up to become a new team member.

Saving the Lives of Children Throughout the World

To help with your Water for Life Charity fundraiser, we will do the following:

  • Create a personal page on the Water for Life Charity website where people can be directed
  • Help during the planning phase
  • Provide T-shirts

As part of the fundraising process, you can earn a position on a mission team with a partner that is planning to visit one of the many countries where help is needed.